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The name of our company derives from Plan-Do-Check-Act and the verb to comply. Hence PDCAply promises to bring to each client continuity in compliance through P-D-C-A.

Company PDCAply Continuity in compliance

Its Mission

Bring confidence and peace of mind to each client enabling compliance everywhere, everytime, from each and everybody and in the face of any event (continuity in compliance) by means of best available techniques for risk management and for fulfillment of work obligations.

This commitment is realized through 5 axis :

  1. Identify, understand and comply to regulatory obligations;
  2. Implement voluntary measures of the industry and/or of the organization;
  3. Integrate the fulfillment of obligations stemming from contracts into processes;
  4. Know process well enough so that the most appropriate individuals can be empowered by delegation of responsibilities (power, authority) and not just tasks or missions;
  5. Steer management system towards compliance and align information system on management system.


PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act

Company PDCAply Continuity in compliance


Also known as “Deming’s wheel”, the PDCA cycle embodies the concept of continuous improvement.

This business logic rests on the principle that, as perfection is unreachable, the alternative is to continuously improve by means of iterating, step by step, through the PDCA cycle.

This iterative process of continuous improvement is central to our work, both internally and with clients.

Continuity in compliance