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Mobile technology

The mobile technology we design and implement provides original functionality in usage of information otherwise hard to access or to understand or to keep current by decision makers responsible for fulfilling obligations of their site.

Why mobile?

Mobile devices enable a consumption of information that matches the needs and work style of our clients such as intermittent and unplanned usage with three click and 20 seconds to get to the result.


We have elicited to design small and easy to learn and use functionality. The compounded value of using functionality of our digital services largely rests on the interactions among services and the associated data model that are fully developed in the relational database we use as a back-end. For flexibility, performance and privacy reasons we have elicited to create for each clients a noSQL set of data on a dedicated server.


Mobile technology

Our front-end is based on the HTML 5 industry standard and we offer usage in the Cloud in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We mix and match usage of mature technologies to perform functions they perform better than a mobile application: for instance, we use SMS to communicate one-time passwords, we deliver details by e-mail and we offer secured write access to our database using a web workflow to clients administering contents and users of their site.

Continuity in compliance