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Systems thinking : how to see circles of influence rather than straignt lines

What is it?

Systems Thinking is a discipline for seeing the underlying structure of a system and understanding its dynamic complexities. This discipline has its own language based on three building blocks:

  • Reinforcing feedback: when a small change builds on itself
  • Balancing feedback: when a system is seeking status quo on a certain goal
  • Delays: when things happen eventually

The building blocks are meant to help us see the reality systematically: see circles of influence rather than straight lines; as well as discerning high from low leverage changes.

Systems Thinking within PDCAply

Using a systematic way of thinking enables us to assess and understand client contexts in their human, organisational and technical dimensions. Only after identifying the main circles of influence specific to a client and his environment can we do our best at providing an adequate and relevant solution.

Regulatory compliance and voluntary measures often entail change in business practices. Our consulting services use Systems Thinking to manage change of the management system (PDCAtune) and of the information system (PDCAdapt).

Continuity in compliance